Hey recruits, I missed you!

Onto the recap:

DG, after being radio silent for a weeks, finally popped back up to let us know she’s neck deep in the paperwork of putting Ackerly Green Publishing back together.

While looking at copyright info in her copy of The Wolf and The Wild, she found another weird journal page (that she swears wasn’t there before) and posted it on her site.

The Book of Briars sent this message right after:

You seem restless, long you’ve waited
Your every other breath is bated
Well rub your eyes, become unbored
Another fragment’s come unmoored

Which we figured must mean the journal page is… The Fifth Fragment. SO–

Please join the conversation at the forum and help us unravel the puzzle.

Onto, other stuff…

Itsuki had a revelation after the Brandon Lachmann experience and decided to start what Endri calls The Campfire Project. It’s a place for recruits to explore the ideas around the Guild, the Guides and the Fragments, and create new ideas based on them.

Like Brandon said, “Imagination is nothing more than memory, transposed.” Itsuki thinks ideas can become reality through creativity and that’s what Brandon was trying to tell us. That’s the real magic. Itsuki explained it best here. Pretty crazy, and I’m not sure I completely understand, but also cool! So head over to the Campfire and make something!

Oh. Yeah. So, I wrote Ascender. And we finally heard from him. He’s not coming back. And with Endri leading the charge on the forum, Itsuki tending the Campfire, (and Bash being Bash) we have a sort of leadership vacuum. But no worries, we managed so far without him, I think we’ll be okay. Who needs a leader, yeah?

It’s just weird, you know? And sad. The Mountaineers have been the closest thing to a family that I ever had, but everybody’s drifting away, doing their own thing. And I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t really know what my thing is. Eh, don’t worry, I’m good. Don’t freak out. 🙂