The first thing to do, if you haven’t yet, is visit The Guide to MAGIQ.  You’ll learn about the missing books, your magical guild affiliation, and you’ll be able to join The Mountaineers.

Once you’ve done that, please continue.

Who we are and how The Mountaineers came to be is another story for another time, but if you don’t know why we’re the Mountaineers by now…

We believe the world is changed. We believe history has been amended. We don’t know who did it, or how. And we don’t know why. But we know it’s true (I’ll explain further down.) But the gist is we remember events differently than history wants us to believe they happened. We remember fragments of an alternate history.

The existence of The Guide to MAGIQ is proof that at some point a company called Ackerly Green published the MAGIQ Guide as part of a collection of books. And it’s proof that something happened to us, to the world, to erase all those books from history. Why? What was in them? What were we not supposed to see?

See, a lot of us Mountaineers remember those books. It’s how we found each other. We’re from all over the world, all walks of life, but it’s the one thing we share. We don’t know how, but we believe those books, which we call the Lost Collection, are at the core of all of this.

We’ve been looking for these books our whole lives.

That’s why we recreated the MAGIQ Guide and put it online. In hopes people would read it, and share it. The more people who hear the truth, the better chance we have of not being silenced again. And the better chance we have of unraveling the greatest mystery of our time.

We thought the guide would help. Put more eyes on the case, so to speak.

But nothing could prepare us for what happened on July 17th, 2016.

A lot of the Mountaineers spend their free time reading old reference books, catalogs, searching the internet for references to the Lost Collection (what we called the MAGIQ Guide and its companions.) Myself included. We have book dealers looking for them, and google alerts about them.

That’s what woke me up in the middle of the night on July 17th. An alert that something about the books was posted online.

And this is what I found.

We don’t know who built it. We don’t know what it’s for. It might be a hoax. It might be a game.

Or it might be the truth trying to break through the lies we’ve been told. We believe there is, or was, magic in the world. It’s the only explanation. How else could someone change time, our memories?

Why are these occult books at the center of all of this?

Maybe it scared someone. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be read, or learned. But we deserve to know the truth. I’ve spent the past few days looking over the site. And then I noticed writing in the border of the book cover…

What does it mean?

Why did it only show up when we posted the Guide online?


We can’t do this alone. We’ve kept quiet, secret, in the past and it cost us.

But together, out in the open, we might be able to see through the lie.

This site is just as much for you as it is for us.

Comment on the posts, contact us, follow the Facebook page, discuss on the forum, share content you think might help us uncover the truth.

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Now is the time. The best shot we have. We need the bravery of Weatherwatch, the wisdom of Thornmouth, the resourcefulness of Flinterforge, the optimism of Gossmere, the determination of Ebenguard, and the instincts of Balimora.

We need all of you.

Welcome to Basecamp 33.

Welcome to the Mountaineers.