This is my recap for the week of July 31st:

  • Over the weekend Bash, Eaves, Itsuki and I received a private message from Ascender on the backend of Basecamp33 regarding Deirdre Green:
    • “Don’t reach out yet. I might be able to connect with her. Wait to hear from me.”
  • Ascender posted on August 2nd that he’d made contact with Deirdre (DG), pretending to be a member of a literary historical society, and managed to get her to scan and send the documents her father left her.
  • DG posted about her week in NYC.
  • We all began receiving emails from Mountaineer recruits that the images Ascender posted were glitched/corrupted (although we could read them clearly on our end.)
  • Bash created a forum topic to discuss what we’re calling The Corrupted Pages.
  • The welcome email that Eaves sent to new recruits was being caught by spam filters, effectively hiding them from new Mountaineers (please check your junk folders.)

And most importantly, Ascender shared a link to a Dropbox folder on his account with the original documents Deirdre sent, in the hope that someone could figure out what the fragmentation was trying to hide.

At first glance I chalked the glitches and email issues up to technological mishaps, as any self-respecting Thornmouth would— but then we received an email with the subject line “Fragment” from the Book of Briars website last night:

“Four keys to unlock the door
Every key made up of four
The first key grows by light of day
A piece of key is now in play”

Itsuki posted a message on the Facebook page to see if we were the only ones who got the email.  Looks like we weren’t.

Whoever’s behind the Book of Briars site knows about you, the recruits. And they seem to be hinting that there’s some sort of mystery to unravel.

A “fragment” of a key to discover.

Does this mean the corrupted pages are connected to the Book of Briars?

And if so, how do we use them to uncover the “fragment”?