Happy Friday Mountaineers,

  • As promised, Aether finally reached out to us as he underwent an experiment this week to try and open a door to “the other side” like the door Brandon Lachmann opened 30 years ago.
  • We think there must be a clue hidden in the video Aether uploaded but so far we haven’t found it. Please give it a watch and let Endri or me know if you find anything.

Aether’s plan was to escape his body with his “electronic telepathy” and hack the Kemetic Solutions systems to help us free the other captives there. Mountaineer Robert found a hidden page on the site, but otherwise we’re not sure if he got out of his body or into KS.

  • Meanwhile Deirdre made it to Israel, Tel Aviv specifically, and posted about something so scary it had me checking under the bed that night.
  • After almost a week of waiting for a specific curator to get back with her, Deirdre instead came up with a pretty solid theory about the path her father left for her and what it might be connected to. I don’t wanna give it away, I’ll just say it involves an ancient secret society of artists and a cult of art collectors. Cool! Scary!

Mountaineer of The Week:

This week there are two Mounties who used their creativity to create new things for our community:

You guys never cease to amaze me. –Eaves