Happy Friday Mountaineers,

So last week we were waiting to watch Aether’s livestream on our own Basecamp Youtube channel. Well, it didn’t disappoint. (I HIGHLY recommend not watching the last minute or so of that video if you want to sleep tonight.)

He answered as many questions as he could before the medication they gave him put him under.

We learned:

  • He’s trapped somewhere below Kemetic Solutions where he’s being medicated and experimented on.
  • He’s not the only one. There’s a girl and A MOUNTAINEER trapped with him!
  • KS is using their individual powers to try and recreate the door that Brandon Lachmann opened thirty years ago but Aether says it isn’t working the way KS was hoping it would.
  • Another attempt to open a door is going to happen next week and Aether is going to use that opportunity to fully leave his body and try and break into Kemetic Solutions’ systems to provide us with information to rescue the girl and the Mountaineer.
  • Aether has never left his body like this and knows he might risk his life to do it.
  • The Mountaineer KS abducted told Aether to find us, that we could help.
  • Aether fell asleep and the stream disconnected, leaving us wondering and waiting for his next communication.

Also in the video were flashes of a new constellation and the word “Gladitor” which lead us to the 10th fragment!


  • Deirdre made it to Cape Town, flew from there to Kimberley, and finally found the Eureka Diamond.
  • No new clue showed up in the journal and DG assumed that she had to have a specific emotional reaction within the object.
  • This time… adoration.
  • DG lamented her broken relationship with Cole, who wrote her back, telling her he cares about her and wants to try again if she’s up for it! and  BOOM–
  • A new clue showed up, this time hinting at ancient Japanese art.
  • Mountie Brendon sent her a message speculating that the next object might be in Israel.
  • DG hasn’t responded, so she’s either enjoying Cape Town or she’s on her way to Isreal.

She did however post a letter from her grandfather to M. Grey Ackerly, the two founders of Ackery Green!

So now we’re waiting to hear from Aether and figure out how we can (hopefully) save him and the others trapped by Kemetic Solutions.

Also, Itsuki revealed more about his Campfire Compendium, where we’ll put together our gathered knowledge about magiq and secret histories!

Mountaineer of the Week:

Is @Timidity for illustrating the chimeric animals we discovered a few months back! Great work Timidity! Let’s hope we never encounter an actual Tigrantula…

Until next week!