Hey Mounties, happy Friday!

This week’s recap covers what’s happening with The Cagliostro, Fragment Six, DG, and tell you guys about a project that recruit @OracleSage came up with. Let’s go!

Early this week The Book of Briars sent out the following message:

A flick of wrist, a towering tree
A streak of color makes the sea
A fragment poised on painter’s knife
The art of painting things to life

Recruits checked back on the private server The Cagliostro’s assistant had created for him/her.

Sure enough…

The faded pages 6 and 7 from last week? They’ve started “unfading,” showing more information about “The Unknown Illiomancer.”

Recruit @Robert’s theory is that the book is revealing itself as the seasons change (WHAT.) and it seems to be true. The symbol on page seven, according to Robert’s wiccan friend, means Yule. Winter. The pages are getting clearer as the seasons change. Who knows what’s gonna show up in the journal as the year ends…

So now that The Unknown Illiomancer page has unfaded more, we have more details about him/her. (The illiomancer is the person who painted on the burial shroud of Anne of Brittany, remember last week?)

We’re looking for the painter and the painting and so far we’re stuck.  Here are the clues we have now:

  • Painted the canvas sometime between late 1910’s and early 1920’s
  • Was English born
  • In a guild of crafters <- Which one?
  • Skilled in other crafts as child then secretly mentored in art of illiomancy
  • Daughter was also skilled. Writer.
  • Art in Merseyside

So put your collective heads together, google-fu these clues and let’s find this person!

ALSO:  Martin Rank, the journalist who wrote reported on Brandon Lachmann’s body being found, emailed Lauren hoping to meet with The Cagliostro! Believe it or not, it seems unrelated to Lachmann… but who knows…

And DG?

She posted this week. Nothing major… She just FOUND COLE’S BLOG. You might remember Cole from The Fraylily fragment, the Obenhedge fragment, crawling under a bridge in Central Park in the middle of the night, and finding magic payphones in downtown Manhattan!

We don’t know if she can see our posts on his blog, or us, or what, but this is kind of game-changing.


Operation Nepenthe.

Do you knit or crochet? Ever thought about it?

OracleSage came up with the idea of knitting scarves in guild colors and leaving them outside for the homeless!

Let’s do this then! Oracle is going to take his scarves to NYC. Why don’t we all organize to make/buy/regift a scarf and leave it outside somewhere near us for someone less fortunate?

And if you do, take a pic and tag it with #actsofmagiq so we can spread the love!

Have a great weekend, let’s find that painter, and see you guys on the forum!