(Mounties, this is @Deyavi’s first (and incredible) recap for the Basecamp blog, please give her a warm welcome!)

Hey, Mounties. To say this week has been no joke is… an understatement. Several important things have come to light, and we have some big things in the works at Basecamp.

On Saturday, Marty came out of hidingHe and Climber, Portencia, and Aether are all alive and safe. Marty gave us the highlights about what happened after the KS Rescue, and he’s back on the case to work his magiq. He traveled West to find the data that Aether off-loaded from the KS database, to see if there was any crucial information.

Things seemed to slow down a bit, but then Cole returned to the Ramble to have a look, and there he found the Chronocompass and discovered that the place is being guarded by security during the day for some reason. His visit opened a new entry in Sullivan’s journal, and the Chronocompass led him around to give us the new directions for unlocking the Chronocompass on Dawson’s site.

We learned from the new journal entry that Sullivan had found the Palace of Doors, through the ruined stronghold of The Silver in Neithernor, and that is how he’d recovered Ackerly Green’s Guide to MAGIQ, among other magiqal artifacts. We also learned that The Storm was able to catch up to him there, and got some dark insight through his encounter.

Using the code on Dawson’s site connected us to our next ally in the past: the ’94 Mountaineers’ Lodge, and through it, Ascender. We were able to make contact with him through the site, and we learned that he is alive, although damaged greatly by The Storm, but still fighting for us.

Deirdre and Cole, meanwhile, used the knock to unlock a new location in Neithernor. They made preparations for their exploration, and their first brief expedition there revealed another entry from Sullivan that offered more clues about the manners of magiq, the stick he left for Deirdre (which had started to look a little radioactive earlier in the week) – and brought still more questions about the meaning of the term “inksworn,” apparently as much a mystery to him as to us.

Marty checked in to let us know that most of the data that Aether stole from KS was corrupted, and he received an ominous text from a person called “Benefactor”, who warned him that our protection from The Council is running out and fast. They will help Marty locate Teddy, possibly in North Shore.

With this warning in mind, we started making preparations for an inevitable attack from the Storm, on both offensive and defensive fronts, in the form of Operation Aorthora and Operation Gladitor.

What’s more, KS has been gutted. The building is empty, and anyone who asks thinks they’ve just relocated.

When last we heard from Ascender, we learned that Augernon and the other ‘94s had succeeded in their bastard memory spell, but at a price. The Storm got to them, and Augernon saved everyone by working magiq to literally turn himself into a lightning rod, as he had intended. And there’s more: The Book of Briars is disappearing in 1998.

Ascender is planning something big. Marty’s back East in Massachusetts waiting for instructions from the Benefactor.

Big things happened this week, and it seems that big things are still to come, Mountaineers. Be ready.