With the box tasking us to “find the song” Mountaineers spent last weekend using the clues from the Book and the numbers from the solved riddles to assemble a piece of music. They then worked together to write lyrics that would mourn the loss of, we assumed, Ojorad.

Nim recorded the song and we sent it to Knatz, who woke up with the song stuck in her head. Singing the song back to the box unlocked it and inside was a word, Obscuriotempus. Knatz submitted the word to the ’94 book and it revealed new coordinates that led to the Ramble in Central Park.

Knatz sent Saberlane to New York with the box and left to meet with Augie, who’d just resurfaced. He revealed he’d figured out a way to hide the mountaineers from the storm, but they would forget everything they knew about magiq, and each other. Knatz was faced with a difficult decision.

Cole couldn’t get a new sequence from the Ramble without the chronocompass so he went to the brownstone to check on Deirdre. Instead he found a smashed front window and the journal laying on the floor. He eventually found a message scrawled inside it:

“It came for me. I’ve been trapped in Grey’s apartment for two days. Locked in against the storm. It’s in the walls. Trying to get in, even through phone. I need help. It knows I’ve been to Neithernor. Wants in. Wants me.”

Cole managed to open a door to Neithernor to draw the Storm away from Deirdre, and with the help of the Mounties, escaped into the warren, where Deirdre followed moments later.

After spending two days in Neithernor Deirdre and Cole resurfaced and Deirdre filled us in on what happened with an epic three-part series of blog posts.

The last communication we received from Knatz was a cryptic, confusing goodbye before the compass closed, cutting off our contact with her.

A final note… this is going to be my last recap. @Deyavi has graciously agreed to take over the responsibility. With all the amazing things you guys have done on your own this past year, and all the other original leaders now gone (or being Bash)  I’m realizing that I’m not needed as much as I once was, and I’ve been devoting my time to researching and investigating everything we’ve learned from Sullivan’s journals and his time in Neithernor. I may create topics to discuss them, but when I go into research-mode you might hear less from me.

I’m really proud of you all. And I’ll of course be here to help, in any way I can, to see your journey to The Book of Briars through.