It turns out that Augie had left town to visit his father and grandfather, which led to a few interesting revelations.

But before we could hear the outcome of his visit our access to Augie vanished and was replaced by another locked chronocompass. And the previous guild combination didn’t work on this one.

Cole came back from Bunratty Ireland with the journal and compass while Deirdre stayed behind. He visited the Portal down to Old New York and found that the compass was directing him to different places in downtown Manhattan.

The directions that the compass led Cole were the key to unlocking the new chronocompass on Fletcher Dawson’s website.

A new page revealed a rhyme “Like leaves swept into a stream, are sounds and stories in a dream.” and a place to attach an audio file.

We sent a message, unsure of who was on the other end, and found that our message somehow entered the dreams of Knatz, another ’94 Mountaineer who “replied” back with a new entry in the dream journal she’d been keeping online.

We realized that we could send imagery and ideas into her dream to help steer her toward finding and solving fragment 14. At first we calmed her, sending a message of hope, then mountaineers came up with a story about a lioness searching for something, which led Knatz to remember a loose thread left from a previous fragment.

According to her last entry she and another young ’94 named “Saberlane” were heading to South Carolina to track down a fellow Mountaineer called “Nib” to find the mysterious briefcase he’d received from what remained of Ackerly Green Publishing.