In case you missed last week’s recap, we’ve been emailing back and forth with Augernon, a Mountaineer from sometime in the 90s, before the Storm wiped them out.

Early in the week Augernon sent the clues they’d found in the remnants of Ackerly Green Publishing, which they’d been given by an unknown “benefactor.”

The clues led us to believe that there must be partner clues now, in our time. Mountaineers sent Deirdre a list of locations in NYC, hoping one would unlock more information in the latest volume of The Monarch Papers.

Deirdre visited all the locations and one of them worked. A pocket appeared in the back of the journal with a journal page and a strange calendar that when paired with Augernon’s clues, led the Mountaineers to interweave strips from the two calendars, revealing more clues.

A sketch Sullivan made hinted that we also had to take the woven strips, create a “ribbon” out of them, and then twist them into a mobius strip.

Once we did that, new images appeared on the journal pages in both the past and present. Cryptic clock faces with a jumbled nursery rhyme in their centers. The past and present Mountaineers are now working together to try and figure out next steps.

Deirdre posted after performing the Joradian Safeguard on her site, lamenting that the road her father laid for her might be coming to an end soon, and she’s now trying to figure out what her life will look like after this is all finished.

Sorry for the late recap. There’s been a lot going on and without Eaves it’s been tough.

Thanks for your patience,