Happy Friday Mounties,

It’s going down this week (well it’s officially going down next week but it started going down this week.)

After getting a nervous message from Whistler, Marty and the Mounties decided to tell him everything. So he did.

Whistler reported to work on Monday to work on Kemetic Solutions’ new experiment, and then reported back to us. They’re still trying to use Portencia’s powers to open a door to… somewhere.

After dealing with the shock of seeing what he saw and learning what he learned, Whistler let Marty know he might have a plan.

We waited and waited and finally Whistler wrote Marty with a plan that is equal parts Ocean’s Eleven, Mission Impossible, and breaking into The Ministry of Magic.

And we agreed to do it.

Go day is May 31st at 5pm.

That’s when we’re breaking into Kemetic Solutions.

We waited to hear from Aether, hoping he’d find a spell we could cast to help Marty infiltrate Kemetic Solutions.

Instead, he wrote Mounties telling them he was too weak to help us, and to do this we were going to have to create our own spell to help save Aether and rescue Climber and Portencia. *gulp*

So that’s what Mounties are doing right now. Creating our very first original piece of castable magiq.

Once we got Aether’s message, The Book finally sent an email letting us know that whatever happens on the 31st it’s the key to finding the 12th fragment.

It read:

Storms clouds gather
Winds that howl
Something coming
Dark and foul

Gather friends
Forge a spell
Before we venture
Into hell

Wanna create magiq, rescue people, and (hopefully, maybe) bring down an evil tech company?

Come to the forum ASAP.