I don’t even know what to say folks. I didn’t think we could top a fiery magical library heist, but here we are:

  • The Cagliostro gave his final performance alongside his apprentice Lauren. Martin Rank, our journalist friend attended, and recorded what happened during the final trick he called The Translation.
  • I HIGHLY suggest you check out the audio. It is disturbing, exciting and nearly unbelievable.
  • The Cagliostro had a plan all along to give his power to Lauren, who has now taken on the title of The Cagliostro without being controlled by whoever was controlling Cags for hundreds of years.

You’d think that was the craziest thing that happened this week, but NOPE:

  • Last week, recruits performed one half of a spell left behind by Deirdre’s dad, Sullivan. The spell would reverse the one he cast on her as a child. The original spell was keeping us from interacting with her, protecting her from jerks like King Rabbit, basically protecting her from everything magic or related to magic, but also keeping her in a little bubble where she was unhappy and unfulfilled, but didn’t know why.
  • Cole was awesome and brave enough to meet with Deirdre and explain everything, at the risk of messing up whatever relationship potential they had going. She walked away and it’s been quiet on the Green family front for four days:
  • Until last night. When Deirdre posted this. Her half of the spell. SHE BELIEVED COLE! She wrote herself a new story, a way out of the spell her dad cast, and sometime last night…
  • It worked. We know because all the comments we’ve posted on her blog over the last six months suddenly all showed up.

What happens now, we don’t know. She could be an ally. She could be freaked out and keep pretending none of this is true (we all know how easy that is.) Or she could just hate our guts for a hundred reasons.

OH! And Fragment Eight was found! The Book of Briars commented on Deirdre’s first blog post way back in January of 2016. One word. Tigrantula. Which led us to this.

Trouble is, we’re still missing two pieces that will help us put the tetrahedron model together. We’re not sure where we missed it, but recruits are scouring the journals, the emails, even the audio of the show to try and find the missing word and get the second book key!