Happy new year, Mounties!

Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was on the road for fourteen hours and needed to crash hard.

So 2017 is off to a wild start:

  • Recruits solved Fragment Six! The letters they found on the Map of Fairyland turned out to spell another weird hybrid animal called a “Galluskulk.
  • Lauren came back after traveling the world, high on Cagliostro’s (and her own apparent) power, and it looks like he’s going to be mentoring her in the magic arts while they prep for his January 31st performance.
  • Martin Rank, the journalist who wrote about Brandon Lachmann back in the 80’s, is looking to get in to see The Cagliostro’s show and we’ve been secretly communicating with him.
  • DG posted her new year’s resolutions and mentions a few times how she’s crushing on Cole and it seems pretty mutual. 💘
  • Lauren scanned the Yule pages in The Monarch Papers Volume 3 and it turns out there might be another fragment hidden in them there pages.

I didn’t actually spend my entire holiday with family if I’m being honest. I went on a road trip, doing a little good old-fashioned investigating. Nothing concrete yet, but I’m not giving up. Will update if anything turns into anything.

I’m feeling pumped for 2017. We’ve weathered some crazy stuff these past six months or so and we’ve managed to stay standing. I have hope for this year, I mean… how much worse can it get, right?