Happy Friday Mounties!

A slow one after the craziness of last week.

  • Turns out Lauren’s scanned pages WERE a new fragment and the recruits have spent the week trying to crack a particularly tough riddle left behind by Sullivan Green himself. Turns out he might’ve protected DG from magic WITH magic and the riddle they’re trying to solve might lead to the original spell.
  • Lauren continues her magic studies under “The Cagliostro’s remote tutelage” (Endri’s phrase.)
  • DG posted about being genuinely happy these days, having made peace with her father. Also she and Cole are planning to meet soon. 💘
  • Also, also, Orvin told DG that someone broke into a safe Swiss deposit box belonging to her dad and stole something, but he doesn’t know what. Was this where The Cagliostro got The Monarch Papers Volume 3?

We can use all the help we can get on the latest fragment, especially if you’re into classic novels. Have good one!