Happy holidays Mounties!

So… unless additional craziness goes down, this is going to be my last update for the year (reluctantly traveling to see fam.) It’s been quite a year and I¬†can’t thank you guys enough for everything. We unraveled so much in the past five months, I can only imagine what 2017 is going to be like. Onto the recap:

  • Lauren Ellsworth, The Cagliostro’s assistant, was also planning on visiting family, until she unlocked new pages in The Monarch Papers Volume 3 and apparently¬†The Cag magically summoned her to Turin.
  • DG found more clues in The Monarch Papers Volume 1 and has gotten quite cozy with our very own Cole.
  • On the forum, recruits have found that when they connect clues in DG’s journal to locations in Sleigh’s Map of Fairyland painting it reveals letters in Lauren’s journal. Letters which will probably/hopefully lead to another fragment. (Also, nothing surprises me anymore.)

If you have free time over the next couple weeks, visit the forum, help out with this fragment, and don’t forget Operation Nepenthe!

In past years the Mountaineers used to get together for a multi-denominational “holiday’ chat on a forum or chat room somewhere. Ascender, our once-leader, used to organize it. He was a pain in the ass sometimes, but he could also be a softie. Things happened so fast this year we all forget about it. Maybe next year I’ll organize something, yeah?

Anyway, hope you guys have a great couple of weeks.

We still have lots of work to do, even though “real life” gets in the way sometimes. I have to say, I’ll miss you guys.

See you on the other side.