Eaves here!

We’ve heard that some people have had emails from us and the Book of Briars end up in their spam folders. Bash is looking into it but if you’re having trouble, please add our addresses and thebook@bookofbriars.com to your contact list.

This is my Mountaineer recap for the week of September 4th:

  • Ascender came back. We have mixed feelings about what he had to say.
  • Just this morning recruits on the forum solved the third leg of King Rabbit’s fragment! Recruit Robert realized the answer was the designer of a granite art installation at the Whitehall Staten Island Ferry Station.
  • Another message appeared when the riddle was solved.  There are now three names on the Burrow in the Fray website of people who King Rabbit claims didn’t die when people thought they did.
  • King Rabbit has released the first clue for the final leg.
  • DG posted a new entry. She finished Through The Night, found an Ackerly Green “further reading” list, and found another AG book online. And she ordered it!
  • The Last Traveler continues leaving DG weird phrases in her comments that seem to show up even though our comments don’t. Recruits on the forum are trying to contact The Last Traveler, hoping that it will force him to send more poetic phrases that they need to solve another potential fragment.

We definitely need more help at the forum, to unravel the rest of King Rabbit’s riddles, and to figure out what the “did not die” messages mean. Please visit the forum.