Hey folks.

This week was a sad, disturbing bummer all around. I mean, the recruits are crushing the third fragment over in the forums, don’t get me wrong (awesome work guys, meaning guys and girls) but:

  • The Last Traveler, the mysterious person who’s been communicating with DG (and us) through DG’s blog comments, had been slowly “degrading” with every poem verse he sent. His words and even his name were sort of coming apart every time he talked to us.
  • He told us the fragment poem has forty lines but we pushed him for answers and he kind of… disintegrated after only sending us 38 of them. Like, gone. All comments disappeared. I literally have nothing to link to, cause it’s all gone.
  • Now we don’t know what to do and Traveler told us that “the ending is already on its way.” He was a nice guy. I mean, he seemed nice…
  • As opposed to the jerk King Rabbit who has pretty much insulted us every day leading up to the second fragment being solved, and even a few days after:

    Today I will have the thing that I was promised.
    To mark this day I’ve kindly hidden a clue and a secret within the burrow.
    Because I like you.
    And you’re dumb.

    Will miss you deeply.

  • We don’t know if he got whatever he was promised before vanishing, but he apparently attacked DG.
  • In real life. Not like cyber bullying.
  • And we still have no way of contacting her.
  • And she’s considering giving up and moving back to London.

Also, The Mountaineers are sort of scattered to the winds. Whatever happened with Ascender has sort of spread and the drive we had for all this… I don’t know. I’m still here, so is Endri. And we’re not giving up.

But yeah, overall a big fat bummer.

We’re still trying to figure out if we can solve the third fragment now that we dissolved the only person who could help us. PLEASE visit the forum and help. Poetry Majors Welcome.