We haven’t heard from Ascender so I thought I’d recap what recruits have been investigating on the forum while we wait to hear from him. (Please visit the forum and join in the investigation. We need your help.)

Andy downloaded the corrupted variations and Michael ran them through Photoshop. Trying to overlay them or combining them didn’t reveal anything.

A couple of recruits noticed what we’ve also been digging into, that there were textual differences in the pages. Notable changes were:

“Changed” became “reversed.”

“Continued” became “searched.”

And an entirely new sentence was added to the published page, “I might have cut these flowers down in another life. Left them to rot in a cup on a table, their dying bodies arranged for my enjoyment. But not this life.”

Michael made an excellent point, “This could all be nothing more than simple editorial decisions made to improve the writing. But why leave this as part of a will if they weren’t important?”

Cameron tried to apply the decoded roman numerals to the actual text on the page to check for a book cipher, but it didn’t work.

While none of this has worked, it’s hard to let go of the corrupted pages as the possible “fragments” the book mentioned. We longtime Mountaineers have seen HUNDREDS of possible leads come and go, but this feels different, though it could be how hungry we are for everything we did to bear fruit, the Guide, this site, going public…

I have my doubts of course, so does Bash. How could the book, or more likely whoever’s behind the book, have planted those pages? Sullivan wanted his daughter to have them and had seemingly kept them for years. But on the other hand, doesn’t that in and of itself hint that something “other” is going on? Something that’s at least supposed to seem “magical”?

Unless, as a couple of us have considered, Sullivan Green left the Book of Briars for us to unlock. And this is all part of some mysterious plan he has finally set in motion upon his death.

All speculation.

I realize many of you don’t know much, or anything, about Ackerly Green the company. I’m working on a primer that I’ll post in the next couple of days.

I hope you all keep working with us on this. I think we’re close to something. I just don’t know what.

Please visit the forum. Examine the pages Ascender uploaded. Work together.