Hey folks, it’s Eaves. I can’t sleep.

So… crazy couple weeks, yeah? I’m super proud of you guys (and feel your success reflects well on me as your BC ambassador.)

One thing I was thinking… who’s the Tumblr-er that posted the fraylily drawing at http://crsumner.tumblr.com? Who’s CR Sumner?

He/she said he/she dreamed that flower. The blog is LOADED with magic/fantasy stuff. Future Mountaineer with prophetic dreams? I don’t know, sounds kind of awesome to me…

I know DG is hands off right now per Ascender (anybody heard from him lately?) but he didn’t mention Sumner. And the point right now is to build up our team, yeah? Go Team?

So all that left me with one question… Better to ask permission or beg forgiveness?

So… I just emailed Sumner. Figured I wasn’t the only one who thought of this.

Did anyone else? Hello? Please?

Think I’ll go for a walk. It’s raining tonight.