Hey recruits, it’s Endri.

We’re making a few administrative changes to help manage the influx of information over on the forum. As of today, I will be managing the organization and moderation of all forum activity. I’m more adept at record keeping and information gathering than both Eaves and Bash combined (no offense) so it makes sense for me to make the jump to the info heavy forum.  Eaves will be managing the blog here and the Weekly Update starting this Friday. I’ve given him a lay of that land and you’ll be in good hands.

I’m excited about processing all the information on the forum, but a little wary of all the “face-to-face” communication it will involve (Eaves is much better at that.) However, we definitely need someone managing the forum on a daily basis and it seems most appropriate that I should take the reins. Please sign up at the forum and join the discussion. See you there. *nervous emoji*