This is my recap for the week of July 17th, which turned out to be a big week.

  • A site called The Book of Briars showed up overnight on July 17th. It messaged the five of us (possibly others?) early Monday morning with a cryptic poem:
    • I’m nothing but a simple book
      Waiting for a closer look.
      But find a key, or one plus three
      And you’ll find that there’s more to me.
  • Ascender and Bash found out, quite by accident, that Sullivan Green has at least a beneficiary, and at most an heir.
  • The Guide to MAGIQ is finished and finally goes up next week. Hopefully it will be the outreach we’ve been hoping it will be.
  • The Facebook “discussion” page is also up.

We haven’t had this much forward momentum in years. Those of us in favor of “going public” see this as a sign we did the right thing. Time will tell, I suppose.