From now on let’s assume that each week is very big and eventful unless I say otherwise.

Mounties spent the week solving four sets of riddles, learning that more mounties had been consumed by The Storm in 1998, and communicating answers and support to Knatz to help open the mysterious box.

Once all the clues were solved, Knatz revealed that she knew someone had been affecting her dreams, and a new clue appeared on the box:

“They will find the song.
Six verses on the wind.
Sing that lullaby to me.
My contents I will lend.”

We soon realized that we were going to have to use the solved riddles to find a piece of music, and we were going to have to get Knatz to sing that song to the box.


Cole revealed the truth about his strange dreams that have helped us over the past twelve months and Deirdre found a new way into Neithernor, revealing a ton of new information about how magiq works.

Everything’s happening so quickly, I have no idea how it will all turn out.

I hope for the best.