I seem to be getting later and later with these things. I have no idea how Eaves kept up with this.

Last week, Knatz and Saberlane were meeting in South Carolina to find Nib, a missing mountaineer, and a mysterious briefcase a “benefactor” left him.

They found Nib and the briefcase. And how it all happened was appropriately nerve-wracking.

Knatz went back to Chicago with the locked case and both she and we spent most of the week trying to crack the eight numbers that would unlock the case.

Turns out, it was 1998 and 2017.

The two years connected through the chronocompass. Inside was some kind of unassembled contraption made of wood and metal.

Knatz spent days trying to assemble it, finally bringing Lane up from Florida to help put it together.

After the Mountaineers sent Knatz an encouraging message through the chronocompass, she and Lane finally finished assembling the box.

Once assembled, the box changed color and riddles appeared on its surface. And their Book also sent a clue.

Mountaineers began the work of deciphering the riddles, as did Knatz and Saberlane in 1998.

What else?

Oh yeah… Deirdre found her way into Neithernor.

You have to read her description, I don’t think I could do it justice.

There is a world outside our own, and it’s full of magiq.