Happy weekend Mounties,

My day job precludes me from sending these out on Friday like Eaves, apologies. Onto this week’s events…

After we spent a week looking at it, Brendon realized that there were words and passages in Sullivan’s letter to Deirdre that correspond to guilds.

Bravery, heart, hope, dark woods, the shore, and machine = Weatherwatch, Gossmere, Gossmere, Balimora, Ebenguard, Flinterforge.

Robert went back to the chronocompass we found on Fletcher Dawson’s website and tried touching the guild letter in that order.

The chronocompass started turning!

It was some sort of combination lock. It spun, rang four bell chimes, and then kicked us back to Fletcher’s home page. It wasn’t until 4pm that we found a contact form in place of the compass. Above the form a message read, “Be careful what you say and send or time itself is what you’ll rend.”

We sort of ignored that part and went a little nuts sending a bunch of messages, hoping one would get through, not knowing who the messages were going to–

Or when.

We finally heard back when, at 4am, the form turned into a reply.

Mounties emailed back and forth with this mysterious person at 4pm and 4am, with Nimueh graciously acting as our point person. Eventually we discovered that we were talking to Augernon, the ’94 Mounty whose mind was wiped by the Storm and who Martin met with a few months back while trying to save Aether & Co. But we’re talking to Augie in his prime, before the Storm obliterated him and his group.

Meanwhile, Deirdre somehow unlocked two entries in The Monarch Papers: Neithernor. One entry was directed to her and one to us. There’s so much to unpack in those entries. You should really read them, but the gist is… Neithernor is a pocket dimension that people in the alternate timeline created to learn and practice magiq, and was protected from whatever stole magiq and all memory of it from us.

Also, it turns out Sullivan and The Council’s plan all along was to circumvent the Storm and protect us so that we could reach back in time and help unlock the book they protected in the 90s. We have no idea what consequences that will have on the timeline or us, but the general consensus is that we’re going to take it one step at a time and decide together what to do.

Back in time-traveling email news, we gained Augie’s trust enough that he’s going to try and send us clues from fragment 13 next week, a fragment they’re stuck on at some point in the 90s.

So next week should prove interesting. 😓

Until then,