Hey Mountaineers, it’s Endri.

Eaves has told me privately that he’s taking a hiatus from the weekly recaps while he deals with some personal issues. I know I’m a poor substitute for him, but I’m going to try and pick up the slack until he’s back.

I’ll keep this as concise as possible.

Mounties spent most of June working out the constellation clues (click the “Summarize this topic” button at this link to read the highlights), finally discovering the four cities and the correct order that granted entrance to author Fletcher Dawson’s site. There we found the third assessment materials we believe The Book of Briars would have given us if it hadn’t been destroyed by The Storm, as well as the image of a chronocompass.

All of which leaves us with questions…

  • What happened to our friends post-Storm?
  • Who is Fletcher Dawson?
  • How do we move forward with the book destroyed?

After an otherwise quiet month, Deirdre checked in with us via her blog. In three posts she caught us up on her birthday and life post Montreal with Cole, a new clue she found in an old object, and the strange and incredible place that clue led her.

Because of her cleverness and bravery we now have what we think is the beginning of fragment 13. Sullivan said everything she (and I assume, we) need is in the box she was given though, without The Book, we’re not sure what we’re doing exactly. Any help on the forum would be greatly appreciated.

Are there clues we’re missing inside what we have now?

Are we blind to them because we’re still recovering from the events of May 31st?

What is the dark magiq Sullivan says the Mountaineers will eventually need to cast in his strange letter to Deirdre?

Whatever happens, we’re in this together. Family now.
We can’t quit. Despite everything that’s happened, everything we’ve lost.

Itsuki would want us to finish this.
So let’s finish this.

Your Thornmouth,