Happy Friday Mounties,

The weeks just seem to get busier and busier. Let’s get to it.

First off, no word from Deirdre this week. We know she’s in Montreal, but that’s it.

Aether sent emails to a few Mountaineers with clues that led us to a page hidden in Basecamp’s blog with the image of a closed eye. We also found that Aether had gained access to a page on The Lost Athenaeum that talked about a scroll called The Last Oracular Eye that could see your future and offer you Hope, Despair, or Illumination, but only two of the three.

Mounties voted and decided on Hope and Illumination.

At 7:59 on Monday The Eye opened and told us about our future, and gave us another piece of Portencia’s fractured mind.

Later in the week Aether uploaded an episode of a secret podcast called The Low Report to Basecamp’s Youtube channel. Clues in the video glitches led Mounties to an email sent to Martin Rank from a friend at The New York Times. Turns out Martin reached out to Aether in a dark moment and Aether responded with encouraging words.

  • That message convinced Martin to open up and explain himself.
  • When he did, he revealed that he had a fragment of Portencia’s mind in his own head!
  • And when he posted the phrase, “don’t fear them in the present” The Book of Briars turned the phrase into a link–
  • Which led to Durkonos, the third constellation we’ve received, and the eleventh fragment!

Lots of stuff up in the air. The Storm is still coming, we only have five fragments left to solve, and fragment 12 is as far as anyone has ever gotten!

Until next week,