Happy Friday Mounties! An interesting week for sure…

  • Last weekend Mounties were waiting until Monday at 5:30pm to see if they would either be contacted by “Aether” or if there was some noticeable change on the Kemetic Solutions website.
  • Turns out it was the promotional video we found last week that changed. You can watch it here on the new Basecamp Youtube Channel (ooooh, fancy.) Warning… the video is crreeeeepy.
  • Mounties set out figuring out all the hidden messages in the video.
  • There were strange images, like an IV in an arm, and what looks like an abduction, as well as phrases like “Find her”, “Watching”, “Help us”, and “Not much time left.” Check out the forum to see all of it.
  • There are two clues that have left us stumped. The word “stumbled” and the phrase, “There are no constants” which turns into “There Are No Constance” for a brief flash.
  • Is Constance the “her” we’re supposed to be finding?
  • Is there a reason the “t” in “stumbled” is taller than the other letters?
  • Are we not looking deep enough into the video or too deeply?

That’s where we are as of this afternoon on Friday.

Meanwhile, DG has posted. She’s still in Istanbul, stuck on a clue in her father’s journal, and unsure about what to do next.

One last thing:

There’s something new I wanna start doing. Every week I want to feature a Mounty who did something cool, helpful, or kind in the past week. It’s the Gossmere in me, I can’t help it!

This week I want to feature new player (and fellow Gossmere) RootNotes who was inspired by the Magic Affinities topic over in Campfire. He explored the concept of Gossmere’s affinity “Choreomancy” and decided to write an awesome song about it!

The stuff you guys come up with… I know there have been other Mountaineers and other guilds, but I think we have a pretty freaking special community here.

Until next week Mounties!