Happy Friday Mounties!

  • Recruits solved a big chunk of Fragment Seven. Mike realized that the four geographic locations they pulled from clues in Sullivan’s journal weren’t where clues were hiding, the names were the clues. Mor’ Hungary, Gansu Province in China, Brierely, a village in the UK, and Lye, France led recruits to combine the locations into The MorGan LiBrary in NYC!
  • So we’re circling right now, trying to figure out what we’re looking for there (a book, a clue, a spell?) and who will go get it (as of this morning Cole has offered in hopes that whatever SG left there could be used as a peace offering whenever he explains all of this to DG.)

WAIT. Assuming he can explain all of this to her… isn’t she protected by her dad’s magic? Is that why King Rabbit went poofskies when he touched her? Is Cole going to go poofskies if he tells her?!

  • DG wrote Cole a letter on her blog, commending him for sharing everything he’s shared about his childhood (which we don’t know much about) and basically saying, “Okay dude. Time to do this face to face.” but like, sweet and Irish.
  • MEANWHILE, The Cagliostro revealed that he is controlled by some shadowy group and his power is going to be transferred to their chosen next in line very soon. January 31st will be his last performance!
  • MEAN-MEANWHILE, Lauren and Cag’s connection grows as Lauren can now see what he sees, feel what he feels and she’s adamant they can figure out some other option than him dying whenever his power is taken from him.
  • She also revealed what happened to her sister Jen, and HOW she and Cag are connected. It’s brutally sad.

Did I miss anything?


So, remember Martin Rank?  The reporter for the New York Times who wrote the article about Brandon Lachmann’s body being found back in the 80’s? The same guy who’s been trying to get an interview with The Cagliostro to investigate City Hall corruption?

Well Cags has invited him to the performance!

AND Marty told Revenir, the recruit who’s been emailing him, that he worked with the ’94 Mountaineers and knows who we are!