Happy Friday Mountaineers!

This week was pretty much all about The Monarch Papers.

  • DG’s aunt sent some of her parents’ belongings, including Sullivan Green’s journal, which turned out to be volume one of The Monarch Papers! SG is the “advanced practitioner” Cagliostro mentioned!
  • The journal was mostly encoded gibberish but DG posted about a few parts that made sense and they turned out to be connected to the painting called The Map of Fairyland (it’s amazing, and huge! Seriously, google it), which is what Bernard Sleigh (the “illiomancer” guy from Lauren’s volume of the Monarch Papers) painted onto the canvas from that weird story about Anne of Brittany and the Eighth Unicorn Tapestry!
  • DG’s been obsessed with the journal since getting it but has noticed that she can’t find parts she just read and she’s had actual headaches from reading it.
  • Lauren emailed The Cagliostro to let him/her know the two faded pages from The Monarch Papers Volume 3 have continued to “unfade” leading up to the Winter Solstice.
  • By the looks of Cole’s blog, DG has continued communication with him. I hope this is more like chocolate and peanut butter and less like… two things making something bad.

Please take a look at the clues DG posted and compare them to The Map of Fairyland. We can use all the help we can get!

Hey… nothing really awful happened this week! Awesome! Have a great weekend everybody,