The fire is where stories began. It’s still where ideas are born, lessons are learnt, and homes are built. Our own campfire is a crucible of creative input, where our ideas and stories will feed the flame that makes magic visible. We need you to cast your spells by making and sharing your creativity.

What sort of art creates magic?

Any. I believe that all art allows magic to bleed through from other times and places. It could be a story, a short video, a sketch, a piece of music, a poem, a song, a dance. Anything. It just has to be an original (theft isn’t magic.)

So how do I actually create magic?

Well, I honestly have no idea. I’ve only just realised that the act of creating is a way of generating and seeing magic in the world. I’m on this journey at the same time as you. It might just be the odd spark now and then or a whole new reality breaking through. It’s like when Brandon set us those tasks to complete sections of his stories and the RPG. We created thigns. Bells and Yankee each wrote small extracts from stories and they came back combined. Woven together like a spell that then revealed something else about the world and where we’re headed. That’s what we’re playing with. We need to experiment and see what happens.

Where do I start?

For now, we’re going to focus our magic skills on the thing that has brought us together: The Magic Guide and The Guilds. I’m going to start by creating work that sits within those themes to see what magic can be produced. I’m inviting you to do the same. Whatever comes to mind. But I’ll be helping. I’ll be suggesting activities, ask for creative responses to questions and exercises. Soon I’ll also be asking you to nominate theme ideas. When we play we discover.

Are there rules?

No. No rules, but there are guides.

All our work should be original. I truly believe that magic is only going to be generated if what we’re creating comes from a place of original thought.

Whatever we make should be ‘on topic’ (I’ll help you manage that with some forum leadership and friendly guidance.)

Magic is about sharing and learning and being open to the new and to the ‘other’. There are no judgments. I believe that work should be positive and should not represent narrow or negative modes of thinking. So nothing that sets one ideology or belief above another. Nothing that would intentionally offend someone because of who they are or what they believe. Magic comes from a place of safety. That doesn’t mean it’s without danger or excitement. We would expect your creativity to contain plenty of peril. It’s just that there’s just no hate in this kind of magic, it is the domain of wonder.

How do I submit something?

Visit the forum and load it into the relevant thread as you would a post. We’ll keep it simple for now and see how this evolves.

What’s going to happen with it?

We’ll all be sharing our creative output with each other and building this magical community. We should all be looking through it to see if we can find material that is particularly potent or that stirs anything magimystical. If there is something that you feel is exciting or has potential then give it a Like. At this stage let’s just see what happens.

Those are all the notes I have for now. I can’t wait to share what’s in my head with you and read, listen, view etc your work in return.