DG just posted.

She got the Ackerly Green founding documents from Orvin. Ascender, are you around? Bash?

Up all night and down the rabbit hole

She found concept art for the ORIGINAL Ackerly Green logo.

It’s a hippocampus! It’s a freaking hippocampus! And he has a name!

(Backing Up: Recruits, A very few of us remember the Lost Collection AG logo having a mythological creature. We’ve argued about what creature it was and I was ALWAYS in camp mythic seahorse. Eat it camp manticore!)

So this is the current “altered” AG logo:


This is my HORRIBLE mockup of what the logo we remember looked like:


I am freaking out. This is mind-blowing. I have so many questions…

In our altered time did the “Herman” logo become a failed draft that was abandoned for the “gray box” logo?

DG says that the sketches were in pristine condition while all the other documents were fading and yellowed. Are these drawings like the Guide? Are they here when they’re not supposed to be? Are we looking at another artifact we’re not supposed to see?

The gray box logo totally fits the books DG has found. Strong but simple. But the “Herman logo” just oozes magical lost collection. Right?

Cripes, I’m sitting here crying. I know that’s stupid but… it’s like seeing a long lost friend. Herman the hippocampus. Most of you can’t understand, which I get, but this is on par with finding the Guide. At least for me it is.

What a thing of beauty. What a day.