Hey guys,

Seems like DG’s been doing her own research on Ackerly Green:

A question of family

Unfortunately she didn’t figure out anything we didn’t already know.

A couple other things of note:

  • Orvin Wallace, Sullivan’s attorney, stood her up for lunch
  • No mention of her stalker, who we now know as KingRabbit717
  • She mentions being fascinated by seahorses, which is not only endearing but also very very interesting given the seahorse connection to Ackerly Green. Does she know?
  • A recruit on the forums tried reaching out to DG on her blog but the comment disappeared. DG mentions some weird things happening with her site. Dark forces or just kludgy WordPress theme?

Oh, and we’re still working out responsibilities behind the scenes, but more importantly…

Bash said Ascender logged in last night. So, he’s alive. We’re waiting to hear from him.