First off, the third fragment was found!

After recruits discovered a roadblock to solving the third fragment called “Obenhedge”, they realized the puzzle was broken. They couldn’t go any further.

Left with few options, recruits Robert and Brendon sent hail mary messages to “CRSumner“, the blogger who’d dreamed about the fraylily flower that solved the first fragment.

Turns out The Last Traveler had somehow contacted Sumner in a dream before he faded away, and told him he was the key in finding a path around the broken third fragment. If he could recite the complete Ojorad poem, he might recall the “other name for obenhedge” which would give us a new route around the broken puzzle.

But recruits were still missing two of the forty lines necessary to finish the poem.

In a post about deciding whether or not to go back to the UK, DG also said she finally got a copy of the Ackerly Green book The Wolf and The Wild in the mail and inside was a card. The card had the last two lines of the puzzle, signed by Traveler!

This morning we found that CRSumner (Cole) had discovered Basecamp33 and the forum, and had spent the night reading everything. He helped arrange the poem and eventually remembered the other name for obenhedge, which is “vhelicorus.” Adding that word to the Book of Briars site led to a third set of torn page pieces.

And this is what we have so far!

Oh! Also, Ascender and Endri worked together on a post about the lore that the Book of Briars has shared so far. Definitely worth a read.

Really feels like we picked up some forward (upward) momentum.

Now we just have to hope DG doesn’t give up, but what an awesome week!