SO… Eaves here! Taking over for Endri’s Weekly Updates from here on out. No pressure!

This is my Mountaineer recap for the week of August 28th:

Recruits on the Basecamp Forum are in the middle of breaking down “KingRabbit’s” puzzle. King Rabbit is also, we think, DG’s stalker who followed her from the UK. #supercreepy.

  • Recruits have solved two of the four Burrow In The Fray passwords and found hidden words in two of the six-hour videos. Recruit Johanna solved the second puzzle using the name of the German submarine officer who sunk the Merchant Marine vessel that the Battery Park sculpture memorializes.
    • We’re all assuming that at the end of this we’ll be given more information about the Book of Briars. Another fragment maybe? Two of the sixteen the book has mentioned?
  • After the first two King Rabbit riddles were solved, messages popped up on the Burrow site mentioning people who died, but the site says they didn’t actually die. Not sure what that means. Maybe before everything changed they survived? And when the books were erased, they died?
  • A recruit tried to comment on DG’s blog, but her comment was held for moderation. DG mentioned on her blog this week that her blog is telling her she has comments but then they’re not there when she checks.
  • A person known as “The Last Traveler” keeps leaving DG weird phrases in her comments that seem to show up even though our comments don’t.

We definitely need more help at the forum, to unravel the rest of King Rabbit’s riddles, and to figure out what the “did not die” messages mean. Please visit the forum.