Some incredible recruits have worked together to find the first fragment. This is an exciting day and I wanted to run through the events of the past 48 hours with all of you to catch you up to speed.

After The Book sent out an email on August 10th that read:

Find the words that have been changed
Words both new and rearranged
To find the five among the score
Look deeper than you have before

Beyond the flowers and the bevels
Between the words are deeper levels
And if you wish to earn a prize
See the page with different eyes

Cameron, an active recruit in the forums, decided to run the published page (with flowers and “bevels”) that Sullivan left DG through Photoshop (different eyes?) and found this–


The highlighted words are Reversed, Searched, Flowers, Cut, and Arranged.

He then “cut” out the flowers and arranged them into this:


Which left the remaining two words, Reversed and Searched.

PK came up with the idea of running the assembled image through Google Reverse Image Search and Mike found this blog on Tumblr with the same image and a post that read:

“I had a dream about this. It’s called a fraylily.”

Weeks back another recruit, Andy, wondered on the forum if we were searching for a word that we could then add to the end of the Book of Briars domain.

So Mike tried fraylily at the end of and found this:

And these pieces of paper:


We’re just getting our heads around this but to me, it looks like some kind of recipe… or maybe, and I almost can’t bring myself to say it, a spell?

A spell for finding hidden things?

I’m flabbergasted. We are onto something massive.

Incredible work, Mountaineers.